Blennerville Windmill

Did you know that there was once a giant sandcastle on the outskirts of Tralee? No, not a real one but since being restored complete with its magnificent sails, Blennerville Windmill stands out as the dominant landmark in Tralee Bay.

Climb to the top of Blennerville Windmille and experience the workings of a traditional windmill. The only power the windmill needs is the wind! Once there is a breeze, the windmill sails are turning.

See how the millers crushed grain to make flour over 150 years ago. Children can gain first hand experience of grinding their own wheat into flour while working the “Hand Kuerns”.

Learn all about the famine & understand how locals were forced to immigrate on board the famous Jeannie Johnston through the audio-visual presentation and famine exhibition gallery.

Complete your trip by visiting the special bird-watching platform & enjoy the panoramic views of Tralee Bay.

Check out Michael Palin's visit to the fascinating Blennerville Windmill.


Special Offers

Aqua Dome & Aqua Golf ONLY €10.00
Medieval Experience & Bone Investigators ONLY €5.50
Medieval Experience, Kerry County Museum & Bone Investigators ONLY €7.00
Crag Cave & Crazy Cave ONLY €9.00
Crag Cave or Crazy Cave & Falconry ONLY € 9.50
Crag Cave, Crazy Cave & Falconry ONLY €13.00
Tralee Bay Welands Centre & Lakeside Cafe ONLY €11.00

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